Our Doctors

At Mansfield Primary Care Doctors (MPCD)

Your health is our highest priority.

We are a team of experienced, board-certified physicians and health care professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best medical care.


In order to keep you healthy, we start by getting to know you – your life, your needs, your concerns. We use the latest medical knowledge and technology to develop personalized diagnostic and treatment plans. And most importantly, at Mansfield Primary Care Doctors, we take time to explain ourselves clearly and listen to you.


Not only will you experience more one-on-one interaction with your primary care doctor or pediatrician (both in the office and via cell phone and email), but you’ll also be matched with a primary care team dedicated to assisting you with your health care needs.


Review our primary care doctors and select a doctor who works best for you

  • Dr. Saleh M.D.

    Dr. Saleh M.D.

    Dr Nadeen Saleh is a diligent and caring family physician serving the community of Mansfield.

  • Dr. Kimberli Omwanghe, MD

    Dr. Kimberli Omwanghe, MD

    Dr. Kimberli Omwanghe is a caring and diligent family physician based in Mansfield, TX.

  • Dr. Nangha M.D.

    Dr. Nangha M.D.

    Dr. Nangha approaches primary care with a combination of head, heart and hands - bringing strong evidence-based medical knowledge and clinical exam skills together with a careful listening ear.

  • Dr. Chaitanya Chavda M.D.

    Dr. Chaitanya Chavda M.D.

    Dr. Chavda completed his postdoctoral training in Pediatric Newborn Medicine from Children's Hospital Boston at Harvard Medical School.